Marija’s knowledge of plant medicine is rivaled only by her amazing personality and warmth. One of the things that makes her so special is that she so perfectly marries the wisdom of Eastern and Western medicinal practices and philosophies. Marija has been crafting custom tonics for me (and my loved ones once I told them about her!) for almost 10 years, from skin care to anxiety remedies.
I love that she is able to address all of my needs — using adaptogens to over time calm my nervous system, while also providing “in the moment” treatments for bouts of higher anxiety (whether it’s a tough time or getting on a plane across the pond). Marija always listens to what I am experiencing and helps me frame it in a way of balance and nourishment, and how we can use herbal medicine for additional support. She is kind, compassionate, and open about different symptoms and treatments – I feel totally comfortable opening up to her and explaining my experiences. Her knowledge spans from mental and emotional to physical and spiritual ways to find balance. The way she carefully crafts her remedies results in custom tinctures made just for you. I highly recommend reaching out to Marija!  – U.S.