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Herb Notes

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A Sweating Red Belted Conk

Red Belted Conk (Fomitopsis schrenkii) "sweating" on the side of a log. The liquid drops are released by growing conks in a process called guttation. It's a bit pungent-tasting. Was out gathering conks to make a salve for tense, sore muscles and joints that I'll be offering at the upcoming Good Medicine Confluence. 

Mushrooms to check out in Colorado

Photoessay in Denver Westword Boletes, the Vomiter, Fly Agaric, Shaggy Mane, Toothed Jelly Fungus, Agaricus, and more...    https://www.westword.com/restaurants/mushrooms-grow-colorado-forage-edible-poisonous-16931728

Drying Wild Mushrooms

My article in Edible New Mexico magazine about preparing cooked powders of wild mushrooms that you can use year round in the kitchen.   Read it here : ) 

Meet Fir

My article in Edible New Mexico magazine that shares a few ways to use Fir needles in the kitchen. See it here : ) 

Nothing to sneeze at

Get going now on functional foods to stave off springtime sniffles.  Article in Durango Telegraph    


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On Cannabis Endophytes: An answer to a question

Originally published in Plant Healer Quarterly, Vol. IX, Edition IV (Winter 2019/2020) During my 2019 class at the Confluence on the endophytes of medicinal plants, someone asked if Cannabis has endophytes, and whether I would speak on the topic. They were curious, for instance, whether the endophytes in Cannabis influence cannabinoid production....

Kiabab Slippery Jacks growing in town!

All images (c) Anna Marija Helt/Osadha Natural Health, LLC. Not to reproduced without written permission.   Looks like mushroom season is happening after all, despite a dry fall/winter/spring. Thank you, monsoons! These are Suillus kiababensis growing under Ponderosa Pines, with which they have a mycorrhizal relationship.And the underside,...

Monday’s Mushroom, Episode 14: Making spore prints

Easy and fun to do, mushroom spore printing is also an important step in mushroom identification. Spore prints are when you collect spores en masse from the mushroom cap. By doing that, you can see spore color, which would otherwise be impossible without a microscope.