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About the Herbalist

Marija grew up running wild in the woods. (Well, at least ’til sunset.)  She’s a research scientist-turned-clinical herbalist, practicing since 2009.  Marija studied botanical medicine in the Bay Area with Pam Fisher, Kathi Keville, and others. She is a doctoral-level microbiologist who worked in cancer- and infectious disease research.  Despite the high tech past, Marija’s focus as an herbalist is a simple approach to health that integrates herbal traditions with botanical research science.  You may think that herbalism is off the beaten path if you live in the US, where it was suppressed in the late 19th and early 20th century by the powers that be. But some 88% of the countries around the globe use traditional medicine, including medicinal herbs and mushrooms, according to the World Health Organization.

Marija’s training and experience are listed below.  When not up to things related to plants and mushrooms, Marija can be found road biking, mountain biking, nordic skiing awkwardly, snoeshoing, hiking despite the crotchety hip that has not yet been replaced, teaching kickboxing, or else getting humbled repeatedly in Brazilian jiu jitsu. 

Training and Experience - Herbalism

Berkeley Herbal Center – Pam Fisher, Director. Berkeley, CA.

  • Student Clinic – supervised clinical practice 
  • 10-month Herbal Therapeutics Program
  • 10-month Foundations of Herbalism Apprenticeship Program

Green Medicine Herb School – Kathi Keville. Grass Valley, CA

  • Herbal Apprenticeship
  • Herbal Medicine and Body Systems
  • Aromatherapy (Level 1 and advanced  training)

Songbird Herbal Co-op & The Green Bough. Dawn Zaft. Sonoma County, CA

  • One-on-one training in clinical Western herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Supervised clinical practice 

California School of Herbal Studies, Forestville, CA

  • A variety of short courses on Western herbalism, medicine making, and medicinal mushrooms

Other Courses:

    • International Certification Course in Aromatherapy. Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director. San Rafael, CA.
    • The Art and Science of Herbology. Rosemary Gladstar, E. Barre, VT.

Training & Experience - Science


Marija been a freelance writer for over a dozen years (after publishing multiple peer-reviewed research papers and writing more grants than she cares to remember in her years as a cancer and infectious disease researcher).  She was a columnist for her good friends at Plant Healer Quarterly for 5 years and a weekly contributor to Basmati for 2.5 years. She contributes to the monthly zine Herbaria, to Edible New Mexico Magazine, the independent weekly Durango Telegraph as well as writing and vlogging for her Herb Notes Blog.  She is working on a book on the edible and medicinal mushrooms of the Rockies (and beyond) that weaves together traditional uses with an in depth but easy to understand summary of the research science on each mushroom. 


Despite being a hard-core introvert, Marija loves to teach, whether it’s one on one or in front of 200 students in a lecture hall.  She’s been giving talks for 20 years, and offers classes and workshops on all manner of topics involving wild plants and mushrooms, botanical medicine, and science.  Her favorite place to teach is outdoors, and she’s available to lead edible/medicinal plant and mushroom walks. She has in person and online offerings for individuals and groups through Osadha, and is an instructor at Albuquerque Herbalism.  The following are some of the other organizations for which she’s taught:


    Berkeley Herbal Center, CA

    The Forager’s Path School of Botanical Studies, AZ

    Fort Lewis College, CO

    The Good Medicine Confluence Annual Conference, CO

    The Discovery Museum, CO

    The Native Plant Society of New Mexico, NM

    The Native Plant Festival, AZ

    WholeExpo, CO

    Cancer Support Community Southwest Colorado

    Durango Garden Club, CO

    Durango Seniors Outdoors, CO

    Cortez Garden Club, CO

    Pura Vida Healthcare, CO

    The Wild Cooperative, CO

    Natural Grocers, CO

Interviews & Press



Interviewed by wanderer, herbalist, and writer Kelly Moody of the Ground Shots Podcast. Episode 50


Interviewed by author, artist, historian, ecological activist, and overall rabble-rouser Jesse Wolf Hardin.  Originally published in Plant Healer Quarterly.  


Interviewed for the wellness site, Basmati.com




Article stemming from a class I offered on medicinal mushrooms.


Article that stemmed from a respiratory herb class I offered.


Herald photographer showed up at the Kitchen Witchery Class to see what was up!