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Class Notification List

If you’d like to be notified about upcoming live online classes or in person classes/workshops contact me and I’ll put you on the notification list. I send out 1 email per month with a list of upcoming classes, a featured plant of the month and a recipe for using it.  Make sure to mark my email address,, as one of your contacts so that the notice don’t land in spam/junk mail. 

Individualized Classes (1-on-1 study)

I love teaching 1-on-1, and take on a limited number of  students

  • In person or distance via Zoom/Skype.
  • Once weekly to once monthly or something in between
  • $50 per hour
  • There is homework for maximizing your learning. We go over it, but it’s not “graded”. I understand that people have lives and may not have time for the assignments.

    Past students have…

    • Gone into clinical practice
    • Created herbal products for marketing
    • Incorporated herbs into their “main” profession (eg. body work, energy work, etc)
    • Used what they’ve learned to support the health of themselves, family, friends, pets  

    Please contact me for more info or to start planning your personalized timing and plan.

    Ideas on topics

    • Basic concepts in herbalism
    • Materia Medica (meaning, plants/mushrooms/essential oils & their medicinal uses)
    • Plant/mushroom walks – Identification in the field, uses, folklore, science
    • Harvesting, processing, & medicine making
    • Diagnostics – Traditional approaches, constitutional evaluation, reading labs
    • Formulating
    • Herbal energetics – Hot, cold, damp, dry, consolidating, dispersing, etc
    • Clinical case studies – For those who already have 2+ years experience w/ herbalism
    • Reading & interpreting herbal scientific research
    • Herb-drug interactions
    • Herbal safety
    • Aromatic medicine
    • Natural perfumery
    • Interested in something not listed here?  Let me know : )

    Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Medicinal Plants of the West

    Live, Zoom classes. One Wednesday a month, 7:30-8:30pm Mountain Time. $15.50.

    Plant ID, medicinal uses, folklore, and science. Attend 1 or all or however many you’d like. Many of the plants are also found elsewhere in North and Central America.


    May 11, 2022 – California Poppy & Pine       Aug 10, 2022 – Gumweed & Snakeweed

    June 8, 2022 – Elder & Oregon Grape           Sept 14, 2022 – Barberry & Juniper

    July 13, 2022 – Prickly Pear & Ocotillo           Oct 12, 2022 – Sagebrush & Wild Rose


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    Rocky Mountain Mushrooms & Medicine Making

    4 part series – Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Wild Mushrooms

    Workshop in Durango.  Address provided upon registration. Each workshop features 2-3 local mushrooms: Identification, traditional medicine, food uses, folklore, science.  Each time, you’ll get hands-on experience with a mushroom medicine making technique, learning the pros and cons of each approach and taking home what you make. 

    Cost (including materials):  1 workshop $46.50. If you sign up for more than one ahead of time, workshops are discounted as follows: 2 workshops are $87.90 total, 3 are $129.35 total, all 4 are $165.60 total. 

    SUNDAYS, 11am-1pm Mountain Time

    Spring Mushrooms, June 12th                         

    Technique: Crude powdered extract

    Summer Mushrooms, August 7th                   

    Technique: Mushroom Zoomie Balls

    Autumn Mushrooms, September 18th           

    Technique: Concentrated polysaccharide extract

    Winter Mushrooms, December 4th                

    Technique: Double Extract

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    Local Mushrooms for Cold & Flu Season


    Workshop at Basecamp, Durango. (Inside the Lodge at Tamarron, 40292 US-550.)  Date TBA shortly. Will be a Saturday in Sept, 10am-noon.  $42.50

    The Rocky Mountains are home to many species of medicinal mushrooms (and other fungi).  Come meet Boletes, Red Belted Conk, and Usnea and get some hands-on time learning how to use them for support. 

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    Herb-Drug Interactions


    Live, interactive Zoom class.  Tuesday January 9, 2023, 630-830pm (Mountain Time) Feb 25, 2023. 10am-1pm Mountain Time.  $30

    On average, in any given month nearly half of the US population uses at least 1 prescription drug (CDC). Approximately 76% of the adult population in the US used at least 1 herbal supplement in 2017 (Choi & Song, 2021). It is difficult to wade through the available information regarding herb-drug interactions for multiple reasons that include bias (folks publishing information on this are often not trained in botanical medicine or phytochemistry), sensationalism (fear-mongering newspaper headlines and clickbait), the growing ingredient complexity of supplements, and polypharmacy (the use of multiple medications concurrently that greatly increases the rate of adverse drug reactions).


    This class takes a critical, evidence-base approach at looking at herb-drug interactions. The focus will be on individual herbs, and will include data from critically evaluated case studies, clinical studies, and practitioner experience.  The most likely categories of herbs to interact with medications will be highlighted, as will well-documented interactions. The class is appropriate for multiple types of healthcare provider as well as for folks who take herbs and want to know more about the topic of interactions. 


    Medicinal Mushroomery in the Rockies


    Live, Zoom class through Albuquerque Herbalism.  Sat Feb 25, 2023. 10am-1pm Mountain Time.  $42.


    The Rockies are full of medicinal mushrooms. Some are also delicious edibles, while others are a bit harder to chew. Mushrooms have acute and tonic effects throughout the body. We hear mostly about the intricate dance between mushrooms and the immune system, but multiple mushrooms also influence blood sugar regulation, heart function, reproductive health, digestion, mood, and more.


    You may be familiar with Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake; but many fascinating and useful mushrooms reside in the Rockies that are perhaps not so well known, medicinally-speaking: Artist’s Conk, Red Belted Conk, Aspen Bracket, Puffballs and more. Many of these can also be found in other parts of the US and the world.


    Learn about some of the most common species you’ll encounter here in the Rockies and pick up a bit of mushroom medicine making know-how along the way. We’ll make a double extraction in class with samples for everyone to keep. Local pick up in Albuquerque will be available after class.

     Registration is through Albuquerque Herbalism

    Class link will be emailed to all registered students the week before class.

    Recorded Classes

    Recording link will be sent within 24 hours of payment, unless purchased on weekend or holiday, then it will be sent on the next business day.