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Anna marija helt, Ph.D 


practicing since 2009

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About Marija

Marija grew up running wild in the woods. (Well, at least ’til sunset.)  She’s a research scientist-turned-clinical herbalist, practicing since 2009.  Marija studied botanical medicine with Pam Fisher at the Berkeley Herbal Center (formally the Ohlone Center of Herbal Studies), with Kathi Keville at the Green Medicine Herb School, and for shorter stints with other herbalists. … (read more)

Why work with Marija on your health?

  • She uses a simple, personalized approach to functional health that’s  realistic.
  • She is an experienced practitioner with a background in biomedical research who brings to the table a deep understanding of traditional herbalism and botanical science.  
  • She prioritizes getting you off of expensive and unnecessary supplements and, instead, tailors an approach specific for you.

Booking an herbal consultation 

Click HERE to schedule an appointment, which are available via Zoom, phone, or in person (in Durango, CO).  Some evening appointments are available.

Durango Online Herbarium is finally up!

I’m uploading over a decade’s worth of wild plant and mushroom photos, along with where they’re found and some additional basic info. I’ve started with fungi, and next will be plants. For now, entries are arranged alphabetically. Keep checking back to see the new uploads. You can use the search feature in the upper right corner to look for specific mushrooms or plants.  Note that many of the mushrooms and plants featured are not edible or medicinal so don’t assume you can stick ’em in your mouth just because they’re included in the herbarium.

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Upcoming Classes 

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MEDICINE MAKING WORKSHOP SERIES  In Durango. One Sunday per month, 11am-12pm, starting  January 29th with herbal syrups in honey. 

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMERY IN THE ROCKIES Live, interactive Zoom class. Saturday 25th February, 10am-1pm (Mountain Time).  

NATURAL PERFUMERY Workshop in Albuquerque. Saturday September 9, 2023, 10am-1pm.                                                                                                    ELEVEN CLASS RECORDINGS FROM 2022 ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE CLASSES PAGE.  Miss a class that you wanted to join last year?

Want to learn about wild foods & medicines?

Sign up for 1-on-1 lessons whether you live in Durango, Dallas, or Delaware!  Check for upcoming classes and workshops that are in person or live-streamed.  Dive into 12 years worth of free articles and videos on herbalism, “mushroomism” and botanical aromatics.

2023 Good Medicine Confluence

The 2023 Good Medicine Confluence is July 19-22nd at Lake George Colorado. I have four tickets available at 1/3rd off current price.  Come join us the best botanical gathering there is.  I’m teaching 3 classes:

Mushroom Microscopy: Taking a Closer Look

How to Critically Evaluate and Translate Botanical Research

Crazy about Conks: Four types of prep and what to do with them

Articles & Videos


Content (c) Dr. Anna Marija Helt, Osadha Natural Health, LLC.  Permission to republish any of the articles or videos in full or in part online or in print must be granted by the author in writing. The articles and videos on this website for educational purposes only...

On Cannabis Endophytes: An answer to a question

Originally published in Plant Healer Quarterly, Vol. IX, Edition IV (Winter 2019/2020) During my 2019 class at the Confluence on the endophytes of medicinal plants, someone asked if Cannabis has endophytes, and whether I would speak on the topic. They were curious,...

Kiabab Slippery Jacks growing in town!

All images (c) Anna Marija Helt/Osadha Natural Health, LLC. Not to reproduced without written permission.   Looks like mushroom season is happening after all, despite a dry fall/winter/spring. Thank you, monsoons! These are Suillus kiababensis growing under...

Monday’s Mushroom, Episode 14: Making spore prints

Easy and fun to do, mushroom spore printing is also an important step in mushroom identification. Spore prints are when you collect spores en masse from the mushroom cap. By doing that, you can see spore color, which would otherwise be impossible without a microscope....