Anna-Marija Helt, PH.D.



Osadha Natural Health

About Marija

Marija grew up running wild in the woods. (Well, at least ’til sunset.)  She’s a research scientist-turned-clinical herbalist, practicing in Colorado since 2010.  Marija studied botanical medicine with Pam Fisher at the Berkeley Herbal Center (formally the Ohlone Center of Herbal Studies), with Kathi Keville at the Green Medicine Herb School, and for shorter stints with other herbalists. … (read more)

 Why work with Marija?

  • She uses a simple, functional health approach that is personalized, and realistic to accomplish.
  • She brings 10+ years of experience as a clinical herbalist, and the critical thinking skills that come from years as a research scientist with publications spanning cancer and infectious disease.
  • Working with her does NOT entail the use of hundreds of dollars of supplements each month. She spends almost as much time getting people off of unnecessary — and, often, inappropriate — supplements as she does providing personalized botanical support.
  • She will NOT mislead you on what can be accomplished – There are situations that require medical care. Though, a carefully designed natural plan may have an adjunctive role in gentle, foundational support.


ROCKY MTN MEDICINAL & EDIBLE MUSHROOMS WORKSHOP  Aug 14/15th. Do the whole weekend or just 1 day.  Mushroom walks, mushroom ID, hands on medicine making (take home what we make!), wild foods, recipes, detailed profiles on our local mushrooms, including the poisonous ones.

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