Anna-Marija Helt, PH.D.

Osadha Natural Health


16 March 2021

Marija Helt has been a wonderful help in supporting me during stage 3 breast cancer and in dealing with side effects of treatment. She is extremely well qualified, researches your individual situation thoroughly and offers personalized support. She radiates honesty, wisdom and trust. Best of all, Marija is delightfully warm and compassonate and I consider every encounter with her a gift. – Midge W

1 March 2021

I have suffered for almost two years with MCAS, POTS and Elhers Danlos Syndrome. I had no quality of life and felt like I was going to faint constantly. I was constantly terrified and in a ton of pain. A Dr gave me a regimen that covered up some of my side effects (sometimes) but did nothing for the root of the problem. My mom recommended Marija because she had changed her life while suffering with thyroid problems. I am here to tell you she has also changed my life! I go days without feeling any side effects! She gave me a delicious miracle tea to drink daily and I can’t believe it’s working! It’s truly a miracle that I am so thankful for. I feel like I have a chance to live my life again. Thank you so much Marija! Bailey W.

May 11, 2019

I have been so fortunate to work with Marija during the past year. I had never worked with an herbalist before, but I was frustrated with the options I was given through the conventional medicine field. I had heard wonderful things about Marija, but she far exceeded my expectations. She took her time in understanding the issues I described and has continued to be diligent with follow-ups to make sure that she is fully informed.  Within six months of following the plan Marija created, I saw amazing results and she was there to guide me the entire time. I am so happy that I was able to address the issues I was having through dietary modifications and an herbal tincture and that there were no harmful side effects. Marija is very responsive and thorough and genuinely cares about her clients. I recommend Marija whole-heartedly and I am so grateful for her knowledge and care! Brooke

May 7, 2019

After years of thinking I suffered from allergies, I was diagnosed with silent reflux by an ENT specialist.  The main symptoms I noticed was constant throat clearing, which worsened with exercise.  Not wanting to commit to taking pharmaceuticals to control the acid for the rest of my life, I turned to Marija for advice last year.  She prepared two formulas for me: a liquid extract along with a tea blend. Within a week, I noticed a significant improvement in that I was clearing my throat much less frequently.  After an initial period, Marija suggested I continue solely with the tea, and start taking the concentrate when I notice my symptoms worsening.  This regimen has kept my symptoms under control, although I still clear my throat when exercising.  I have not experienced any negative side effects. FMJ

April 30, 2019

Marija’s offerings of her customized herbal extracts, extensive, medicinal plant knowledge and attentive listening have helped me through years of hormonal imbalance, skin issues and eye strain. She’s always helpful in giving me her true + honest opinion on new trends with supplements and testing. Marija treats my symptoms from the root cause without supplementing too much, suggests making some lifestyle changes with diet, exercise and stress management, while keeping solutions simple and cost effective. That’s hard to find these days, when self care can be so overwhelming! Julie L.

delighted !

Feb 04, 2014 by 

I am delighted to work with Marija, her extensive knowledge and attention to detail regarding my health concerns is very important to me. Thank You for the tailor-made formulas that are so effective and easy to administer. I really enjoy her classes, they are very informative and interesting. I always learn something new and helpful to my well being and am looking forward to my next appointment.

Susan M

Almost 60 and Feeling 30

Jan 26, 2014 by Sojourna M. RN, CMT

Well, maybe I just don’t remember how 30 feels… but I have taken up off-road tandem cycling and feel rockin! My love life is good and I am happy with my life. Years ago I went to Marija because I had some post-menopausal issues, etc. to treat. First I was impressed by her credentials and business sense. Then I was impressed by her through health survey and consultation. Even more I like how she gently speaks her truth, shares her beliefs and discusses the science and research behind her herbal and nutritional recommendations. I am always treated with equanimity, genuine respect and my personal choices honored even when they run counter to her ideas and beliefs. The formulas that I have taken faithfully (as possible) over these years have brought a greater balance to my health..including a boost to my immune system response. Marija has stirred together a great deal of passion, love and intelligence and cooked up an herbal health practice that informs and enriches my life, the community and thus the planet. Even though I live 1200 miles away from her, now, she is easy for me to communicate with and receive what I need. Marija values the holistic approach to health and well-being….I am grateful to have her as part of my “health care team”!

Her Genuine Concern

Jan 12, 2014 by Rosine S

I was very impressed with Marija’s educational background qualifying her as a very competent herbalist.
She identified all my health concerns & symptoms, both physical & emotional; she created herbal formulas tailored to my specific needs. She adjusts the formulas as time goes by, to suit my changing needs. She shows me the research to back up her teachings. Being a nutritionist myself, I appreciate her evidence-based approach to her herbal & nutrition therapy. I’ve been taking her formulas now for 2 years and my health is improved for doing so. I am very grateful for her expertise & her genuine concern for my health. I can highly recommend her workshops & classes, as well as the private consult.

Absolutely Wonderful

Nov 05, 2013 by Lani G I pondered a visit with a herbalist for years. I watched my friends grow healthy working with a herbalist. I was a skeptic. But when I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I had to jump in and find a good program for myself. then, how to figure out WHO to work with, and who could I afford??? marija advertised a program in the newspaper so I went , and listened, and came away with so much information I felt empowered to change things in myself for the better. She is fully educated and knowledgeable and makes all this new info fit into a manageable daily program. Marija covers the entire range of how to eat and what herbs to take to grow healthy. This is a self help program with fabulous supervision. I am so pleased with my new committment, and in awe of this person who is guiding my way to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, I can afford Marija as opposed to visiting Main St Durango places in the high rent district. I am so comfortable working with Marija, and so pleased that I gave her a chance to show me who she is, what she can do for me, and my life is so much better for what I have learned from her. With HUGE gratitude.


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