May 2013

1) Penstemon & Prickly Pear
•Penstemon – Used as a flower essence for strength & perserverance during hardship.
•Prickly Pear (Opuntia) -Used for hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).  Edible, but slimy like okra :)

2) Red Dock (Rumex hymenosepalus) – Root is astringent and anti-inflammatory. Topical use – gum problems, burns, wounds, etc

3) Wormwood (Artemisia ludoviciana) – Strong topical anti-microbial. Short term use for internal parasites. Strong anti-malarial like it’s cousin Sweet Annie (another artemesia).  Strong anti fungal – try for athlete’s foot. Indigestion. Dysmenorrhea. Inhale steam or smoke for respiratory issues. Not for long term internal use.

4) Another Penstemon – Flower essence used for sense of adventure and risk-taking, determination and tenacity when facing physical challenges.

5) Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea) – Hot, irritated respiratory tissues. Somewhat immune stimulating in lungs. Soothes uti, but you need to use it with a stronger anti-bacterial herb. Soothing topically. It’s relatives are useful for digestive issues – dry membranes, ulcers, acid reflux, so may be useful for this as well.

6) Mariposa Lily (Chalochortus flexulosus) – Flower essence used for self-mothering, ability to accept love

7) Agave (Yucca baccata) – Arthritis, joint inflammation. Strong laxative, don’t do high doses. Long term daily use can inhibit nutrient absorption

8) Claret Cup Cactus (Echinocereus triglochidiatus) – Flower essence used for clarity and focus. Manifestation, meditation or other times steady focus is necessary.

9) Cliff Rose (Purshia stansburiana) – Flower essence used for motivation to bring creative or other ideas to fruition. Michael Moore (the herbalist) used for early stages of cold, for certain types of backache. He also used a small amount of flowers/buds to scent tea.

10) Lavendar Leaf Primrose (Calylophus lavandulifolius) – Don’t know any uses other than simply enjoying it’s beauty. Not a very good picture, though :)

11) Lizard of some sort!


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