Plant Communication

by | Apr 6, 2021

Taught by the wonderful Kate Husted, Clinical Herbalist!

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This course is a step-by-step guide to deepening your relationship with the plant world. During this experience the plants will be your greatest teachers, and the course is here to guide you into connection with them. Here, you’ll… 

  • develop your intuition
  • learn to hear the messages plants are offering you
  • gain insight and clarity from your interactions with plants
  • get over feelings of silliness, and have your experiences validated
  • cultivate your relationship to the specific place you live
  • get in touch with your own belonging to this Earth, and your place in the scheme of things
  • learn skills we aren’t taught in school, but that are so integral to being human on the Earth
  • lay the foundation for a lifetime of connection, healing, and belonging

Plant communication is a meditative practice. If you feel called to listen more deeply to the natural world, to look to nature to be your guiding star, or if you just love plants, this class is for you.
Practicing plant communication turns the world into a living breathing companion. It opens a relationship where you always have a place, and are always welcomed with open arms.

Written By Anna-Marija Helt

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