Durango Online Herbarium

featuring plants and mushrooms of the west 

Welcome to the Durango Online Herbarium.  I’ve been photographing plants and mushrooms in the Western US for over a decade and figured it was daft to not be sharing the images for other people’s reference.  In this space, I’ll be adding plants and mushrooms accompanied by a short blurb on each. I am not a professional botanist, but rather an herbalist, biologist, and plant/mushroom lover, so I’m not going to nerd out on hard core botany here.                                                                                                                         


This project is in its infancy.  I will be adding images over the coming months (there are a lot of them).  The images are copyrighted. Please contact me if you want permission to use any of the images.   


(Sooner if I can figure out a way to clone myself and get it put together more quickly….)