They may not be impressive to some of you, but my garden’s over 7000 feet above sea level, so I’m pretty happy with the progress :)

Valeriana officinalis - it's 2nd year

Tiger Lily. Not so impressive yet. Coming from bulb planted 2 years ago

Thyme. OK, this didn't actually go away. It just hid under the snow for the winter.

Oregano. Like it's friend Thyme, it was just hanging out under a blanket of snow

Tiny little Spearmint poking out of the clay. Soon it will be time for mint-infused gin & tonics!

Roman Chamomile that self seeded last year

Baby Nettle patch

Motherwort. One of my favorite herbs. Keeps my ticker in rhythm.

Lemon Balm patch coming back for the 3rd year in a row (not bad for living at elevation in a dry climate)

Lady's Mantle. On the north side of the house, so it can get some shade

Wee Hollyhock. Beautiful and useful in our low-humidity climate

Dandelion. I deliberately plant weeds in my garden...I use them. This one's been around for a year. Letting the root get nice and big!

Bleeding Heart that I thought I killed

Chives. These guys didn't take long to come back

Buds on the Hawthorn planted last year

Everyone else is still laying low. Stay tuned…