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Turmeric: It ain’t just curcumin

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Join clinical herbalist and biologist, Dr. Anna Marija Helt for a 1 hour live, interactive Zoom class. Wed 26th of May, 2021, 6-7PM, Mountain Time – $10. Contact me for more information. Class will be recorded and available for a limited time for you folks who can’t make the live class…let me know upon registration and I’ll send the recorded class link. 

Learn the difference between curcumin nutraceuticals and Turmeric itself, while reintroducing yourself to this ancient spice and medicine.

Did you know that curcumin-free Turmeric is still anti-inflammatory in studies? Indeed, Turmeric contains multiple medicinal chemicals that you’re missing out on when using curcumin capsules.Take a dive into the difference between curcumins and Turmeric. You might save a little on your supplement spending and while taking full advantage of the spice and medicine that is Turmeric.













Seriously Poisonous Mushrooms of North America

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Saturday May 8th, 11-12:30 Mountain Time

 Live interactive Zoom class – $15. A class recording will be available here for a limited time afterwards.

Mushroom season will be here before you know it. Especially for you folks in warmer climes.  It’s as important to be aware of your local toxic mushrooms as it is your local favorites.  In this  class, you’ll learn about some of the most notorious fungi in        North America.  Some are strikingly beautiful, some are nondescript looking, but you don’t want any of them in your stroganoff.  We’ll get into who they are, look into their poisonous chemistry, historical tidbits, folklore and more.  You’ll be sent a private link and class handout the day before class.

To pay via snail mail, or if you have questions Contact Me.

Rocky Mountain Mushrooms – Medicine & Nutrition

Ganoderma applanatum/Artist’s Conk

At the Wild Cooperative Permaculture Demonstration & Educational Site

Crawford, CO

DATE: JUNE 12-13, 2021, 10 AM UNTIL 5 PM


Join us for a weekend exploration of the Rocky Mountain fungal kingdom with clinical herbalist Dr. Anna-Marija Helt. The weekend will include a mushroom walk to identify our fungal kin using all our senses with emphasis on their habitat, hazards of local poisonous mushrooms, ethical harvesting and reciprocal relationships. There’ll also be time to geek out on further identification techniques using a microscope. We will learn about medicinal, nutritional, and aromatic benefits of local mushrooms and the folklore around them. The class will delve into hands-on medicinal mushroom preparations such as powdered water and double (water and alcohol) extracts with the most common local mushrooms. We will also have mouth-watering discussions on cooking and preservation techniques of edible mushrooms including sampling of some culinary methods. Samples of medicinal and culinary preparation will be shared with the attendees. There will be a conversation about medicinal mushroom industry and understanding of the sustainable sourcing of species as well as specific parts of a fungus.

Attend one or both days for extra fungi!


On the first day, we will connect with nature on an easy to moderate hike in the morning through early afternoon. Please, come prepared for hiking in all kinds of weather and bring your own packed lunch. June is a bit early for mushrooming season; even though, we might not find many edible mushrooms we will get valuable information to get us started and more comfortable for mushroom hunting on our own when the summer rains and warmer temperatures come. Later in the afternoon, we will make medicinal and culinary mushroom preparations.

Optional wild foods-inspired vegan and gluten restricted dinner prepared by Ewelina will be offered after the class for a donation of $10 per meal.


On the second day, we will continue our exploration of nourishing, medicinal, and aromatic properties of our local common mushrooms. We’ll have another hands on experience in medicinal mushroom preparations. We will be sharing culinary preparation techniques, recipes, and methods of preserving surplus of harvest. There will be some samples to sink your teeth in and explode your taste buds on – depending on your appetite, you might want to bring your own packed lunch.


Tent camping is available on the land for a suggested donation of $10 per night per tent. Also free camping is available on the National Forest land just a few miles down the road.

We are planning on having the entire workshop outdoors, on the outskirts of the pristine West Elk Wilderness Area near Crawford, Colorado. Please, register to get the directions to the workshop location and check your Spam folders if you haven’t received your detailed event email. Contact us at with any questions. 


  • both days for locals: $200
  • both days for general public: $250
  • one day for locals: $100
  • one day for general public: $125
  • optional camping: $10 per day per tent
  • optional Saturday dinner: $10 per meal


Please, register directly with Marija at and then fill out the RSVP form here:


Plant Communication

Taught by the wonderful Kate Husted, Clinical Herbalist!

Register me and tell me more!

Use the coupon code MARIJA15 to get $15 off the registration fee.

This course is a step-by-step guide to deepening your relationship with the plant world. During this experience the plants will be your greatest teachers, and the course is here to guide you into connection with them. Here, you’ll… 

  • develop your intuition
  • learn to hear the messages plants are offering you
  • gain insight and clarity from your interactions with plants
  • get over feelings of silliness, and have your experiences validated
  • cultivate your relationship to the specific place you live
  • get in touch with your own belonging to this Earth, and your place in the scheme of things
  • learn skills we aren’t taught in school, but that are so integral to being human on the Earth
  • lay the foundation for a lifetime of connection, healing, and belonging

Plant communication is a meditative practice. If you feel called to listen more deeply to the natural world, to look to nature to be your guiding star, or if you just love plants, this class is for you.
Practicing plant communication turns the world into a living breathing companion. It opens a relationship where you always have a place, and are always welcomed with open arms.

All About Aromatherapy

September 11, 2021, 10 AM – 1 PM. $42. Live, interactive Zoom class. For more info and to register go here here.

Aromatherapy is enormously popular. Essential oils are fun, portable, and can quickly become an obsession. Plant aromatics are a great way to engage your senses, and they don’t necessarily have to come from a little brown bottle. Whether you’re a newbie or a long time aroma geek, this class is for you. We’ll get into aroma historyl how to effectively and safely work with oils, how to tell if your oil is fake, and how to do aromatherapy without purified essential oils.

Class link will be emailed to participants 1 week in advance of the class.

Herbal Perspectives for Healthcare Providers: Safety, Herb-Drug Interactions, Critically Interpreting Herbal Studies

4 part, live and interactive Zoom series. $100

Wednesdays, 6-730PM Mountain Time, Oct 6-27, 2021

Contact me for more info or to register.

There is an enormous amount of misinformation out there regarding that safety of herbs that ranges from herbs as completely innocuous to herbs as a danger to be avoided.

This series is to help you wade through it from the perspective of a practicing herbalist and doctoral level scientist with decades of experience either carrying out, reviewing and/or reading/interpreting research studies along with over a decade of experience in clinical herbalism.  Specific topics include:

•  Real world data on herbal safety – a broad perspective 

•  Understanding the highest risks for herb-drug interactions

•  Safety data for the top selling herbs in the US

•  Herb interactions with the p450 family of metabolic enzymes…from speculation to 

    real clinical data

•  Critically interpreting research and case studies 

This class is targeted towards (but not restricted to) healthcare practitioners whether you’re an herbalist, naturopath, nurse, medical doctor, pharmacist, or other of the many others offering support to those who use herbs. 

Improving Fertility Naturally – 4 part series

Now available here. Offered through Berkeley Herbal Center. Get practical support to improve your fertility and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.  Practical steps to take that come from a combination of herbal tradition and the latest information from fertility research science.   Learn about supportive nutrition, herbs, supplements and other approaches. 




There are more ways than 1 to make a baby, and this series is relevant to all of them:

  • Conception with one’s own egg, or donor egg, or adopting an embryo
  • Sex, ICI, IUI, IVF…..
  • A partner’s sperm or donor sperm
  • Surrogacy, whatever side of that equation you’re on



This class series provides ways forward in addressing:

  • Overall health – foods, movement, stress 
  • Ovarian/egg health
  • Testicular/sperm health
  • Uterine & fallopian tube health
  • Immune system & gut health – highly relevant for fertility…
  • Focused support for imbalances 




1-on-1 Mentoring

Get personalized botanical education in this flexible program of learning w/ herbalist & scientist Anna Marija Helt, PhD

In person or long distance (Skype)


Some Topics

Medicine making – Tinctures, percolations, infusions, decoctions, compound extractions, infused oils, creams, cordials, pastilles, hydrosols, crafts

Essential Oils

Local medicinal plants & mushrooms – identification, wildcrafting

Materia Medica – Plants, mushrooms &/or essential oils

Constitutional approach to body systems

Herbal energetics


Case studies for advanced students

Review of botanical research science

Tongue & pulse diagnosis

Something else that interests you? Let me know!


Students have gone on to practicing and offering a free herbal clinic for the underserved; creating and marketing hand-crafted herbal products; incorporating botanicals into their current professional practice; and, simply and effectively using botanicals for themselves, friends and family.


$50-70/hour depending on ability to pay. Sessions are 1-2 hours long, from once a week to once a month.  There will be homework.   For more information or to get started, please click “contact” or call 970.779.3111.