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Class Notification List

If you’d like to be notified about upcoming live online classes or in person classes/workshops contact me and I’ll put you on the notification list. I send out 1 email per month with a list of upcoming classes, a featured plant of the month and a recipe for using it.  Make sure to mark my email address,, as one of your contacts so that the notice don’t land in spam/junk mail. 

Individualized Classes (1-on-1 study)

I love teaching 1-on-1, and take on a limited number of  students

  • In person or distance via Zoom/Skype.
  • Once weekly to once monthly or something in between
  • Sliding scale $50-70 per hour based on what works for you.
  • There is homework for maximizing your learning. We go over it, but it’s not “graded”. I understand that people have lives and may not have time for the assignments.

    Past students have…

    • Gone into clinical practice
    • Created herbal products for marketing
    • Incorporated herbs into their “main” profession (eg. body work, energy work, etc)
    • Used what they’ve learned to support the health of themselves, family, friends, pets  

    Please contact me for more info or to start planning your personalized timing and plan.

    Ideas on topics

    • Basic concepts in herbalism
    • Materia Medica (meaning, plants/mushrooms/essential oils & their medicinal uses)
    • Plant/mushroom walks – Identification in the field, uses, folklore, science
    • Harvesting, processing, & medicine making
    • Diagnostics – Traditional approaches, constitutional evaluation, reading labs
    • Formulating
    • Herbal energetics – Hot, cold, damp, dry, consolidating, dispersing, etc
    • Clinical case studies – For those who already have 2+ years experience w/ herbalism
    • Reading & interpreting herbal scientific research
    • Herb-drug interactions
    • Herbal safety
    • Aromatic medicine
    • Natural perfumery
    • Interested in something not listed here?  Let me know : )

    Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Medicinal Plants of the West

    Live, Zoom classes. One Wednesday a month, 7:30-8:30pm Mountain Time. $15.50.

    Plant ID, medicinal uses, folklore, and science. Attend 1 or all or however many you’d like. Many of the plants are also found elsewhere in North and Central America.

    May 11, 2022 – California Poppy & Pine

    June 8, 2022 – Elder & Oregon Grape

    July 13 ,2022 – Prickly Pear & Ocotillo

    Aug 10, 2022 – Gumweed & Snakeweed

    Sept 14, 2022 – Barberry & Juniper

    Oct 12, 2022 – Sagebrush & Wild Rose

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    Herbal Skincare for Summer

    Workshop at Basecamp, Durango. BEING RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE. PLEASE STAY TUNED. 10am-12pm Mountain Time. $47.50. 

    If it’s not edible, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.  Our skin absorbs a lot more than many folks realize.  Learn about botanicals for skin health and how to make your own skin care products.  Which plants improve hydration? Which provide a little UV protection? Which help counter sun and wind damage?   You’ll make a bedtime botanical oil treatment and an herbal toner blend using ingredients provided and that you’ll choose based on your skin’s characteristics.  You’ll also do an herbal steam during the workshop, and get to experiment with some basic toners, such as witch hazel and rosewater. 

    I will put the “Buy Now” button back up once the workshop is rescheduled. 

    Gut Health: An Herbalist’s Approach


    Live Zoom class.  Wed May 25, 2022. 7-8:30pm Mountain Time (NOTE NEW TIME if you’ve been doing this series).  $20.50.  Class will be recorded for folks who can’t make the date/time. 

    Gut health is key for overall health. “Leaky gut”, an out of balance community of gut microbes, and triggering of deleterious immune responses underly or worsen many other health issues, from dysregulated mood, to arthritis, to reproductive issues.  Learn simple steps to retsore and maintain a healthy gut. 

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    Local Plants for Gut Health


    Workshop at the Wild Cooperative, Crawford, CO.  Sat. May 28th, 2022. 10am-5pm Mountain Time.  $125 + processing fee (3.5%). 


    Join us for a day long immersion into wild plant medicine and food for the gut.  Such plants can be found everywhere from a vacant, urban lot to a nearby field to a shady mountain forest. 

    This plant-packed day includes:

     An on-site medicinal plant walk featuring identification and medicinal properties of local wild plants, with a focus on they many ways they promote gut health.

    •  Hands on time learning 3 different medicinal preparations featuring the local plants we discuss.  You’ll take home what you make.

    •  A primer on wild food fermentation for gut health.

    Overnight camping is available on-site for the Friday night before for a $10 donation per tent (paid on site).  There is also National Forest primitive camping available 1st come 1st served a couple miles down the road.  

    More about the site

    The land the Wild Cooperative sits on is stewarded by community members who reside on the land. We are open to the public during events but please respect the privacy of the residents. We are an off-the-grid community with a small solar system, so power usage is limited. Cell phone reception ranges from spotty on the paved road to dropping off quickly on the dirt road to being non-existant at the Coop.  We do have a land line and WiFi at the cabin in case of emergencies.


    Class is entirely outdoors, at ~ 7,000 feet in the mountains with unpredictable Colorado weather.  Nighttime temperatures can be freezing so make sure to be prepared.  Note that we share the area with bears and mountain lions, so make sure you don’t leave food out at night if camping. Be sure to bring enough water and food to last you for the day and please follow the pack in-pack out rule.   Additional info and directions will be provided upon registration. We look forward to meeting you!

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    For Delta County residents with household income below $40,000 per year, a discounted rate of $100 + processing fee is available.  Please Contact Me directly to inquire & arrange payment. 

    About your teacher

    Marija has been teaching and writing on herbal medicine and wild plant classes for 12 years along with maintaining a small clinical practice.  She holds a doctorate in microbiology and was a research scientist for 12 years prior to falling in love with botanical medicine. Connecting people and plants is what gets her out of bed in the morning. 

    About your teacher

    Ewelina had been a forensic science practitioner and  educator for 13 years within the criminal justice system and a university. She studies soil biology, Nonviolent Communication®, herbalism, traditional nutrition and slow cultured food preparation to improve the soil food web under our feet and to help the ecosystem above the ground to repair itself. She loves to prepare high nutrient density wild foods and drinks made with abundant local plants. She holds a Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton. With a solid natural science background, she is deepening her intuitive understanding of all the life in and around us.

    Rocky Mountain Mushrooms & Medicine Making

    4 part series – Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Wild Mushrooms

    Workshop in Durango.  Address provided upon registration. Each workshop features 2-3 local mushrooms: Identification, traditional medicine, food uses, folklore, science.  Each time, you’ll get hands-on experience with a mushroom medicine making technique, learning the pros and cons of each approach and taking home what you make. 

    Cost (including materials):  1 workshop $46.50. If you sign up for more than one ahead of time, workshops are discounted as follows: 2 workshops are $87.90 total, 3 are $129.35 total, all 4 are $165.60 total. 

    SUNDAYS, 11am-1pm Mountain Time

    Spring Mushrooms, June 12th                          Technique: Crude powdered extract

    Summer Mushrooms, August 7th                    Technique: Mushroom Zoomie Balls

    Autumn Mushrooms, September 18th           Technique: Concentrated polysaccharide extract

    Winter Mushrooms, December 4th                 Technique: Double Extract


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    Urinary Tract Infections: An herbalist’s approach

    Live Zoom class. Wed June 22, 2022. 7 – 8:30pm Mountain Time. $20.50. Class will be recorded for folks who can’t make the date/time.

                                                                                                                                                                 Whether chronic or acute, urinary tract infections are super annoying and inconvenient. If the infection moves up the urinary tract to the kidneys, it becomes dangerous.  Learn how to build resistance to critters who want to colonize the urinary tract and how to deal with it if they do. 

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    Medicinal Mushroomery in the Rockies


    Live, Zoom class through Albuquerque Herbalism.  Sat Feb 25, 2023. 10am-1pm Mountain Time.  $42.


    The Rockies are full of medicinal mushrooms. Some are also delicious edibles, while others are a bit harder to chew. Mushrooms have acute and tonic effects throughout the body. We hear mostly about the intricate dance between mushrooms and the immune system, but multiple mushrooms also influence blood sugar regulation, heart function, reproductive health, digestion, mood, and more.


    You may be familiar with Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake; but many fascinating and useful mushrooms reside in the Rockies that are perhaps not so well known, medicinally-speaking: Artist’s Conk, Red Belted Conk, Aspen Bracket, Puffballs and more. Many of these can also be found in other parts of the US and the world.


    Learn about some of the most common species you’ll encounter here in the Rockies and pick up a bit of mushroom medicine making know-how along the way. We’ll make a double extraction in class with samples for everyone to keep. Local pick up in Albuquerque will be available after class.

     Registration is through Albuquerque Herbalism

    Class link will be emailed to all registered students the week before class.

    Recorded Classes

    Recording link will be sent within 24 hours of payment, unless purchased on weekend or holiday, then it will be sent on the next business day. 

    Hair Loss: An herbalist’s approach

    Wed, 13th April, 6-7:30PM, Mountain Time. Live, interactive Zoom class. Class will be recorded for those who can’t make the date/time. $17.50

    Hair may start thinning due to nutritional issues, endocrine imbalances, autoimmune attack of the hair follicles, or even from stress.  Join us to learn ways to support a healthy scalp from the inside out and the outside in! 

    Insomnia: An herbalist’s approach

    Class recording available.  $17.50. (When you click “buy now”, scroll to the gray button for debit or cc payment. This will also automatically register you.)

    Insomnia is an epidemic that significantly impacts the health and quality of life of many millions of people.   Sleep meds often lose effect over time or can become addictive.  They can help get one through a period of sleeplessness but, for many folks, aren’t a long term fix.  Part of the problem is cultural. Here in the west, many of us go through the day at 110 mph then try to come to a screeching stop at night, hoping to be able to simply turn our switch to “off” and fall asleep.  And it can be hard to change that pattern what with jobs, family responsabilities, and such.   Join us to learn some simple approaches to improve your odds of a restful night of sleep. 



    Information in this class is not meant to supplant the advice of a licensed heatlhcare practitioner.  

    Gout: An herbalist’s approach

    Class recording available for a limited time.   $17.50 

    Gout is an extremely painful condition where excess uric acid in the body coalesces into sharp crystals in various joints, particularly the big toe.  There are certain areas where an herbalist’s approach can kick butt for support, and this is one of them. Yes, it requires keeping an eye out for certain exacerbating foods.  We’ll get into that as well as some great herbal ways to get some relief. 

    Information in this class is not meant to supplant the advice of a licensed heatlhcare practitioner. 

    Constipation: Get a move on, naturally!

    Class recording now available.  $15.50.

    Occasional constipation and bloating are common, if annoying. For some folks, they’re chronic. Either way, there are simple supportive steps that can be helpful for the most common causes and in the absence of more serious issues.  Lots of folks have heard of Senna, a laxative plant. Did you know that it, like some classes of drugstore laxatives, can cause laxative-dependence?  They may help in a pinch but are not long term fixes.   Join us to learn ways to do more than simply slap a bandaid on the issue.  We’ll explore simple tips and gentle, supportive herbs to get things going again. 


    Information in this class is not meant to supplant the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner. 



    Fungal Skin Infections: An herbalist’s approach

    Class recording available for a limited time.  $15.50

    Fungal skin infections can be a persistent nuisance, whether it’s athlete’s foot, jock itch, dandruff, ringworm, or what have you.  The spray on drug store meds often lack efficacy, while other meds such as ketoconazole can be downright toxic. (Fungal cells have a lot in common with our cells, leading to unwanted effects from some meds targeted at fungi.) 

    Dealing with simple fungal skin infections is one area where an herbal approach can kick butt.                                                                                                                                                                                             

    Learn foods that make your body an uninviting habitat and my favorite botanical allies for focused support. 

    Acid Reflux: How to put out the fire

    Class recording. $15.50.     


    Did you know that too little stomach acid rather than too much is a common reason for acid reflux? Especially when you’re older? 

    Reflux can literally and figuratively be a pain. Chronic reflux (GERD) also damages the esophagus and increases the risk of esophageal cancer. Some folks have reflux without even realizing it. A sign of this can be a frequent urge to clear one’s throat.  Join us to learn why reflux happens and some simple tips on how to deal with it.  You will receive a Zoom link the day before class. 

    Turmeric: It ain’t just curcumin

    Secure payment via credit card
    1 hour recorded class. $10. I will send the class link to the email address entered upon payment.

    Learn the difference between curcumin nutraceuticals and Turmeric itself, while reintroducing yourself to this ancient spice and medicine.

    Did you know that curcumin-free Turmeric is still anti-inflammatory in studies? Indeed, Turmeric contains multiple medicinal chemicals that you’re missing out on when using curcumin capsules.Take a dive into the difference between curcumins and Turmeric. You might save a little on your supplement spending and while taking full advantage of the spice and medicine that is Turmeric.

    Medicinal Mushroom Foraging at the Grocery Store

    Secure payment via credit card

    1 hour recorded class.  $10. 

    Not everyone is keen on bushwhacking for wild mushrooms or lives in a place where foraging’s even possible. If this describes you, you can, instead, forage for medicinal mushrooms in your local grocery store’s produce aisle!   An example is those ubiquitous white button mushrooms found at most grocery stores…A large population study concluded that eating just a small amount of them regularly is linked  a reduced incidence of breast cancer. 

    Learn the medicinal qualities of Buttons, Cremini, Portabellas, Shiitake, Maitake, and Oyster Mushrooms with some recipes for incorporating them into your life. (Note:  3 of these are actually the same species!) 

    Seriously Poisonous Mushrooms of North America

    No Paypal account necessary!

    Recording/90+ minutes of mushroom geekery – $15. You’ll receive a link to the recording, along with the class handout.

    Mushroom season will be here before you know it. Especially for you folks in warmer climes.  It’s as important to be aware of your local toxic mushrooms as it is your local favorites.  In this  class, you’ll learn about some of the most notorious fungi in        North America.  Some are strikingly beautiful, some are nondescript looking, but you don’t want any of them in your stroganoff.  We’ll get into who they are, look into their poisonous chemistry, historical tidbits, folklore and more.  You’ll be sent a private link and class handout the day before class.

    To pay via snail mail, or if you have questions Contact Me.

    Improving Fertility Naturally – 4 part series

    Now available here. Offered through Berkeley Herbal Center. Get practical support to improve your fertility and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.  Practical steps to take that come from a combination of herbal tradition and the latest information from fertility research science.   Learn about supportive nutrition, herbs, supplements and other approaches. 




    There are more ways than 1 to make a baby, and this series is relevant to all of them:

    • Conception with one’s own egg, or donor egg, or adopting an embryo
    • Sex, ICI, IUI, IVF…..
    • A partner’s sperm or donor sperm
    • Surrogacy, whatever side of that equation you’re on



    This class series provides ways forward in addressing:

    • Overall health – foods, movement, stress 
    • Ovarian/egg health
    • Testicular/sperm health
    • Uterine & fallopian tube health
    • Immune system & gut health – highly relevant for fertility…
    • Focused support for imbalances