In 2016 my personal life was in tatters and as a result of the extreme stress, I had all but ceased being able to digest and was only sleeping a few hours per night. I was exercising regularly and had started practicing yoga, but my health was still spiraling downward. Going onto pharmaceuticals for IBS and sleep meds didn’t seem like a treatment, but rather a ‘bandage’ approach. My background is Microbiology and as such I wanted to find treatment that had a scientific base yet utilized other options besides big pharmaceuticals. I researched alternatives and found Marija Helt. Not only has she studied herbs intensely, but she has her PhD in Microbiology. As such, she has the perfect blend of herbal knowledge and scientific knowledge on how the human body works at the cellular level. The perfect blend of a scientist who understand herbal remedies!

In the last 3 years, I have undergone major upheaval in my personal life. Dr. Helt worked closely with me to tweak my herbs as necessary. She changed my diet, tailored herbs to my needs and my body responded. I am able to sleep and digest normally again. I attribute my good health to Dr. Helt. I faithfully take my herbs daily as they are key to my staying healthy. I am very very grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and skills. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Helt! Tracy ~ 54 year old female