Stuck at home? Here are some teas to make…

Given that a lot of folks are stuck at home, now’s a good time for tea making. Here are a few ways to make an aromatic tea to help keep you healthy using stuff you may have in your kitchen, yard or other nearby outdoor space….
(use the ‘hot infusion” method from the article for the following)
A few ideas:
Pine or Fir Needles and Citrus Peel – finely chopped
Thyme and Citrus Peel – can add in several finely chopped Juniper berries
Marjoram and Citrus Peel
Rosemary and Citrus Peel
Can add Mint (Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Catnip, etc) to any of the above. And any of the above ingredients can be used in combination or alone. For flavor, add a small amount of local, raw honey after steeping.
Note: A medicinal tea is strong. If any of the botanicals here result in a wimpy, mildly-flavored brew, then steep it longer or add more herbs. Or, it could be that the Thyme/etc have been hanging out in your spice cabinet for too long. Dry herbs other than roots and seeds maintain their properties only for about a year if stored properly…
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