Personalized herbal, nutrition & lifestyle-centered

wellness consultations

Individual Natural Health/Wellness Consultations

Teaching – Herbalism, Medicinal Mushrooms, Aromatherapy, Science

Natural Product R & D

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Now doing tele-herbalism in addition to my local 4-Corners Area practice. We can “meet” by phone, Skype or Zoom.


Providing gentle, safe and effective support for:

  • General health and wellness
  • Reproductive health – fertility through meno/andropause
  • Digestive/gut health
  • Thyroid health
  • Immune system – Cold/flu, allergies, autoimmunity
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Healthy metabolism/blood sugar regulation
  • Skin issues
  • Much more….

Herbalism involves more than herbs. Botanical support is part of a larger approach to wellness that involves a healthy approach to living, eating, and rest.  All of these areas are considered during an herbal consultation — all in a plan specifically crafted for you — whether your goal is simply to feel better or to get support in a more focused area.

I often spend as much time reducing the number of supplements folks are taking when they come in as I do in laying out a way forward for them.  I am a believer in “more is not better” when it comes to herbs and supplements. Most of my clients are on 1 herb formula.  Some are on 2.  It’s rare that we go beyond that for the herbs.  There may be some nutritional supplementation involved, but this is very focused. I have found ‘simple’ to be an effective approach most of the time, especially when working with someone already taking pharmaceutical medications.

Here is more information about Western Herbalism.

Consultation Details:

•$150 an hour for initial visit and follow up visits.  The initial consultation is usually 45-75 minutes, involving a detailed history that results in a custom-crafted plan for you. I spend a significant amount of time before and after the consultation researching your case, which involves no additional charge.

•Follow up visits are anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the issue and how many questions you may have.

•I do not consult via email or messaging. If you have a quick question in between appointments, don’t hesitate to call.  If it takes more than 5 minutes to handle, then a follow up is needed.

•Herbs – I custom blend liquid extracts, teas or other types of herbal formulation for clients, with the cost depending on the type of formulation. Herbal extracts are hand crafted with ORGANIC CANE ALCOHOL, SPRING WATER and ORGANICALLY GROWN or ETHICALLY WILDCRAFTED HERBS and MUSHROOMS.

To book a consultation, call 970-779-3111 or contact me by email.



I feel that sharing knowledge and experience is an important part of being an herbalist.  Teaching can be in the form of a personalized wellness consultation or in a formal class, herb walk, or workshop.  I have taught for various organizations and can offer short, single classes, a class series or workshop for your school/business/organization.  Live online or in person.  Contact me for more information. 

I teach/have taught for the following organizations:

Berkeley Herbal Center, CA

Albuquerque Herbalism, NM

The Forager’s Path School of Botanical Studies, AZ

Fort Lewis College, CO

The Good Medicine Confluence Annual Conference, CO

The Discovery Museum, CO

The Native Plant Society of New Mexico, NM

The Native Plant Festival, AZ

WholeExpo, CO

Blueprints of Hope – Living Fully with and beyond cancer

Durango Garden Club, CO

Durango Seniors Outdoors, CO

Cortez Garden Club, CO

Pura Vida Healthcare, CO

Natural Grocers, CO

Meet the Doulas & Midwives Night, CO



Natural Product R & D

Marija has spent over a dozen years designing commercial natural products, drawing on her training in botanical medicine as well as her work in biomedical research. The following are examples from over the years:

  • Zuke’s, Durango, CO (2011-2017)

    • Co-developed the Enhance line of functional dog chews
    • Improved & updated recipes for Z-Bones, Hip Action, Power Bones, Mini Naturals, Lil’ Links & Z-Fillets
    • Created ingredient glossary for marketing
    • Created educational Power Point presentations for Zuke’s employees related to ingredients
    • Wrote monthly functional foods blog for the website
    • Provided research reviews on ingredients to be used in treats, supplements
  • The Natural Fertility Company, Aurora, CO (2014-2015)

    • Advised on formula ingredients & on individual herbs to carry
  • The Stress Company, Aurora, CO (2015)

    • Advised on formula ingredients
  • Osadha Teas, Durango, CO (2010-2014)

    • Developed and blended functional line of organic teas for distribution to cafes, markets and for sale at local farmer’s market.
    • Developed and blended medicinal teas for Pura Vida Healthcare, Durango, CO
  • Parisa Tea, San Francisco, CA (2008-2010)

    • Developed and produced functional line of organic teas for distribution to cafes, markets and for sale in my own cafe