Seriously Poisonous Mushrooms of North America

by | Apr 12, 2021


Live interactive Zoom class.

Saturday 8th May, 11-1230 Mountain Time – $15 


Mushroom season will be here before you know it. Especially                                                        for you folks in warmer climes.  It’s as important to be aware of                                                your local toxic mushrooms as it is your local favorites.  In this                                              class, you’ll learn about some of the most notorious fungi in                                                  North America.  Some are strikingly beautiful, some are nondescript looking, but you don’t want any of them in your stroganoff.  We’ll get into who they are, look into their poisonous chemistry, historical tidbits, folklore and more.  You’ll be sent a private link and class handout the day before class.

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Written By Anna-Marija Helt

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