Making Mushroom Medicine

When: Sunday December6 2015, 10am-12pm.

Where: Durango School of Herbal Studies

Registration: $55. Bring a friend & you both get 5% off. ┬áTo RSVP, call 970.779.3111 or click “Contact”.

Medicinal mushrooms are a great way to support your health on many levels. Studies show that many edible &/0r medicinal species improve cardiovascular and immune system parameters, support liver health and blood sugar regulation and play a role in cancer prevention.

Making mushroom medicine ranges in complexity from simply simmering the mushroom on the stove to a more involved, multistep “double extraction” method. We’ll cover different ways of preparing your mushrooms, whether you’re collecting medicinals from the wild (hint….know what you’re doing!!!), buying organic shiitake and maitake at the grocery store or “picking” mushrooms via the internet.

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