Marija’s class series at Dancing Willow Herbs

Thursday evenings at Dancing Willow Herbs, 1018 Main Ave, Durango. 6-8pm. $20 optional donation. For more info, click “Contact” or call me at 970-779-3111.

Come get solid, well-researched information and taste and sample a variety of botanicals.

Jan 22 Respiratory Support with Essential Oils – Learn which essential oils are most helpful for congestion, infection, and other respiratory issues. I’ll also share my favorite ways of using each of the oils.

Feb 5 Natural aphrodisiacs – Herbs and essential oils for juicing up your Valentine’s Day

Feb 19 Reducing Allergies – Spring allergy season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start preparing. Come learn a few simple steps to take.

Mar 12 Essential oils for emotional wellness – Learn about supportive oils and how to use them as part of your approach for beating the blues and for staying calm, centered and confident.

Mar 19 Insomnia & Stress – These often go hand in hand. Luckily, you can work to reduce both at the same time using the holistic approach shared in this class.

April 2 Menstrual irregularities – PMS, cramps, cravings, irregular cycles…what’s a girl to do?  Come learn how to tame that cycle naturally!

April 16 Herbs for athletes – For those of you who train seriously and seriously train, injuries, aches and pains can range from the annoying to putting you laying you up completely. This class covers ideas for injury prevention and for reducing pain and tissue damage after an injury.

April 30 Menopause – Though seemingly considered a disease in our society, menopause is a normal shift that all women who live to a certain age will go through. It can be a time when our wisdom and creativity can manifest in ways beyond our children and careers. What we eat and how we live can influence how easy or difficult the transition is. We’ll get into nutritional, lifestyle and herbal tips for easing the change.

May 15 Medicinal mushrooms – Mushrooms have been used for centuries as food and medicine. I’ll talk about the myriad uses of some of my favorites.

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