Cooking with Medicinal Herbs!

What can you do with that Calendula in your garden?  Or the Hawthorn and Juniper berries that faithfully show up on our local trees?   Or maybe you have some herb tinctures that you’ve stopped using but don’t want to throw away…

You’ve heard of food as medicine:  Garlic, onions, turmeric and ginger may come to mind.  Expand your repertoire in this workshop where the theme is “Medicine as Food”.

We’ll play in the kitchen with local native medicinal plants as well as garden medicinals from near and far, while learning their medicinal properties. We’ll also do some serious medicinal snacking! The menu will be herbicide-, pesticide- and wheat gluten-free. Five of the ten noshes will be vegan, three vegetarian and two omnivore.

When & Where: Friday May 8th, 6-830ish pm. Osadha Natural Health at Clear Water Farm, Hesperus.
Registration: $75. Sign up deadline is Monday May 4th. Call 970.779.3111 or click

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